Love In The Afternoon, 1992 tempera on panel

Board of Trustees:

Wanda M. Corn, Ph.D.
Christopher B. Crosman
Gregory F. Fields, Esq.
Kathleen A. Foster, Ph.D.
Richard H. Powers
Timothy J. Standring, Ph.D.
Joyce Hill Stoner, Ph.D.
J. Robinson West
John Wilmerding, Ph.D.
Betsy James Wyeth, Trustee Emerita
James B. Wyeth


President: J. Robinson West

Vice-President: John Wilmerding, Ph.D.

Secretary/Treasurer: William J. Martin, Esq.

Meeting Schedule:

The Board meets twice a year, usually in January and July, to review funding proposals and conduct the business of the Wyeth Foundation for American Art.  Grant requests should be received by December 15th and June 15th in order to be considered at the Foundation's next Board meeting.